Cost effective. Detailed. Straight Forward.

Running your business from across the pond can be challenging, so why stress yourself? Our team and partners will take care of your legal accounting, support you with finance planning (including currency conversions) and give accurate reports of finance and performance. Taking all the hassle away from the day-to-day. Enabling you to focus on your customers and staff.

Staffing, HR & Offices.

Targeted, Honest and Reliable Staffing Options from SquareOne.

One of the biggest worries we've noticed with our clients is getting and keeping great staff. With SquareOne's staffing packages, we focus on retention first, and hiring second. We believe it's important to keep staff with your company once you've landed. We will advise your organisation on the best way to retain your staff, improve working environments and re-hire staff, where needed. 

Market Growth

Simple, Results Driven Marketing. 

Any idiot can run a Twitter account. It takes skills and expertise in order to achieve anything with one. We take care of your social media marketing as well as email campaigns design, content, website development and much more with our marketing strategy packages. Worried that the Brits or the Yanks won't fully understand you, your humour, your point? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Direct Resized.png

Get it direct

Straight talking. Effective leadership. From Non-Executive directorships.

Sometimes you need someone with experience to enter in at a board position. We offer several experienced individuals as temporary and longer term, non-exec directors in order to get under the skin of your organisations wants and needs. Pick from a pool of experienced individuals who can best advise your companies next steps.